Introdution of Samkhya darshan

Samkhya darshan, The Samkhya darshan, About Purusha and Prakriti, Concept of Samkhya darshan, Samkhya philosophy, Introduction about Samkhya darshan The Rishis have collected all the philosophies of Indian tradition from ancient times. They have experienced the spirituality within without any external knowledge. These experiences they have briefed in the form …

why do

Why do hours of sleep before midnight give one beauty??

Early to bed and early to rise, What should be the daily routine, Hours of sleep, Reason behind sleeping at right time, How body is connected to nature Rightly said by someone “Early to bed and early to rise keeps the man healthy wealthy and wise”. When we are relaxed …

origin of disease

Origin of Disease

Origin of Disease, How disease occurs, How disease occurs in mind, How does disease develop, Development of disease Disease first occurs in mind and then if mind is unable to deal with it, it reflects in your body. It seems to us that there is some physical problem in our …


Information about Superconscious state of mind

Superconscious state of mind, Superconscious mind, Description on superconscious mind, Information about Superconscious mind Most of the time we are not aware of what we like or dislike and most important is that we don’t know the reason behind why we like or dislike few things. It is because we …