Tandoori chicken
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Tandoori Chicken recipe grilled style for chicken lovers

Tandoori chicken recipe, Chicken tandoori, Restaurant style chicken, Grilled style chicken, Tandoori style chicken, Delicious tandoori chicken Tandoori chicken is most popular dish, it is very well liked at Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Singapore and many more countries. Chicken tandoori is marinated with yogurt and different types of spices like tandoori …

Chilli chicken
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Chilli chicken is the most yummy and delicious recipe

Chilli chicken recipe, Chilli chicken, Yummy chilli chicken, Delicious chilli chicken, Delicious recipe of chicken, Yummy recipe of chicken For all non vegetarians, here I’m presenting you the most delicious recipe ‘Chilli Chicken’ with different mixture of spices and vegetables in it. Chicken is the love of my life, I …

Hyderabadi biryani
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Delicious Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani for all chicken lovers

Chicken biryani, Hyderabadi biryani, Delicious Biryani, Chicken biryani recipe,Biryani for chicken lovers,Hyderabad ki biryani Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani is said to be the dish of Nizam’s classic dish which now a days is often served at weddings and celebrations. The process to make Biryani is a tedious task but after going …

Chicken lollipop
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Chicken lollipop delicious recipe, home made 2016

Chicken lollipop a very hot and spicy appetizer will definitely make you crazy for chicken. The best part is, we can prepare it in so many different flavors.I made chicken lollipop a few times before and after several trials I settled with this one as one of my favourite and …

Chicken nuggets recipe
Chicken recipes

Chicken Nuggets recipe for all Chicken lovers 2016

Chicken Nuggets recipe is the favourite recipe of most of the chicken lovers,to make this recipe we can use chicken breast or meat slurry. Chicken nuggets recipe : Total time : 12 hr 35 min Prep : 30 min Inactive Prep : 12 hr Cook : 5 min Yield : 8 servings Level : Easy Ingredients …